Andre Peart

Master Personal Trainer


In our goal-driven session, learn from your body’s movement, restore your health and fitness, and feel better about yourself.

Personal Training

In your uniquely tailored one on one sessions, whether the turf, home, outdoors or virtual, the program is catered strictly to the individual needs of clients. Whether it be strength, power, agility, mobility, or flexibility, the session will push, test, and further all areas of interest.

For more general information on getting started and fitness as a lifestyle, please schedule a complimentary fitness evaluation.

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The Trainer

Andre Peart is a Master Trainer with education in exercise medicine, movement science, and nutrition. He continues his studies in sports science to further understand the body and how to deliver results through movement.

Virtual Session


*Packages Discounted

Master Training Session ( In Person) (Social Distanced Practiced)


Packages Discounted *All Training Packages have training and nutrition program included

Barre Intensity Course


*3 or more people required *Rate reduced after four people

All-Purpose Personal Training

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